imagination is the reality of the dreamer

.featuring. Runic – “Fairy Butterfly” at We Love Role-Play (vendor ad). =Zenith= – “Summer Lace off Shoulder Dress (White)” (vendor ad) and “Victoria Lace Gloves”  (vendor ad). kotte – “utau charms – seraphic choker B” (vendor ad) and “teddy nails – bbylilac” (vendor ad). Stardust – “Anastasia Blush” at Blush (vendor ad), “Aurora Eyelashes” (vendor ad) and […]

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all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

.featuring. Stardust – “Dark Magic Tattoo” at Salem event (vendor ad), “Aurora Eyelashes” (vendor ad) and “Princess – 01 Bento Pose” (vendor ad). Sweet Thing. – “Creature Claws”, “Demon Tail (bento)”, “Demon Wings (bento)” and “Succubus Horns” (vendor ad for full set here). I’m also wearing “Crystalline Gown” (vendor ad). E.V.E – “E.V.E {MOD} Ivy […]

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feeling blue

It was middle of a night when nearby temple’s priestess heard a terrible screeching sound. “No, it can’t be!” – she thought as she ran out of the building toward the cliffs. She looked down and saw nearby town villages who set up a trap for her friend… a big Blue Dragon who was trying […]

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when you let go you create space for something better

.featuring. [ keke ] – [ keke ] is having Sale: -50% on specially marked items! For the photo I used “old garden greenhouse dark” (vendor ad), “balloons” in white and red colors available now at Fameshed (vendor ad), “windswept tree” (vendor ad), “tea chair” (vendor ad), “wild alliums” (vendor ad), “wild lilies galore” (vendor […]

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they say home is where your heart is. mine is among the stars, across the universe.

.featuring. [ keke ] – “sphere chandelier” (vendor ad) and  “secret garden flower” (vendor ad). Stardust – “Delilah Tattoo” at Uber event (vendor ad) and “Aurora Eyelashes” (vendor ad). .other. .outfit. [omnis] – blackwidow arm. A&Y – corset+top and boots. ::SOLE:: – leg piece. .body. Tableau Vivant – hair at The Arcade (October 1st). Catwa – bento […]

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