love at first sight

.featuring. [ keke ] – “hard to find bulb” at Fameshed (vendor ad). Sweet Thing. – “Lolita Lace Cuffs” (vendor ad). Runic – “Crystal Stars Fatpack” at We Love Role-Play (vendor ad). {le fil cassé} – “Selene Bodysuit” (vendor ad). Stardust – “Kirika” and “Kiri” tattoos (vendor ad). “Princess – Bento Pose 03” with bit […]

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cozy dreams

.featuring. [ keke ] – “hygge lounger . day”, “hygge cup . hot coffee”, “hygge cup . hot chocolate”, “bulb box . witch light on and off”, “triple tray table . white” (this set vendor ad), “tall garden planter . orange”, “tall garden planter . white”, “big garden planter . blue” (this set vendor ad), […]

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imagination is the reality of the dreamer

.featuring. Runic – “Fairy Butterfly” at We Love Role-Play (vendor ad). =Zenith= – “Summer Lace off Shoulder Dress (White)” (vendor ad) and “Victoria Lace Gloves”  (vendor ad). kotte – “utau charms – seraphic choker B” (vendor ad) and “teddy nails – bbylilac” (vendor ad). Stardust – “Anastasia Blush” at Blush (vendor ad), “Aurora Eyelashes” (vendor ad) and […]

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all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

.featuring. Stardust – “Dark Magic Tattoo” at Salem event (vendor ad), “Aurora Eyelashes” (vendor ad) and “Princess – 01 Bento Pose” (vendor ad). Sweet Thing. – “Creature Claws”, “Demon Tail (bento)”, “Demon Wings (bento)” and “Succubus Horns” (vendor ad for full set here). I’m also wearing “Crystalline Gown” (vendor ad). E.V.E – “E.V.E {MOD} Ivy […]

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feeling blue

It was middle of a night when nearby temple’s priestess heard a terrible screeching sound. “No, it can’t be!” – she thought as she ran out of the building toward the cliffs. She looked down and saw nearby town villages who set up a trap for her friend… a big Blue Dragon who was trying […]

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