pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude

.featuring. Sweet Thing. – “Elia Leggings – GALAXYpack” at Kustom9 (vendor ad), “X-Ray Backpack” (vendor ad), “Cozy Muffs – Snowshoe Rabbit” and “Cozy Scarf – Snowshoe Rabbit” (vendor ad). [ keke ] – “starry glitter” (vendor ad). Stardust – “Anastasia Blush” (vendor ad), “Emiko Eyelashes” (vendor ad), “Summer Breeze – 04 Bento Pose” (vendor ad). […]

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love at first sight

.featuring. [ keke ] – “hard to find bulb” at Fameshed (vendor ad). Sweet Thing. – “Lolita Lace Cuffs” (vendor ad). Runic – “Crystal Stars Fatpack” at We Love Role-Play (vendor ad). {le fil cassé} – “Selene Bodysuit” (vendor ad). Stardust – “Kirika” and “Kiri” tattoos (vendor ad). “Princess – Bento Pose 03” with bit […]

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