Past week has been like a bad dream, I almost lost my beloved puppy, but she’s a true fighter and got back on her four paws again. The thought I would not wake up next to her again and that I would not be able to pet her, hug her and look at her peaceful sleeping tear me apart. Since yesterday I know she will be ok, just will have to be on the pills and weekly check up for the rest of the life. She’s sleeping happy next to me now ❤

This picture is for =Zenith= and *Mystic* contest.

The horns/flower head piece and claw fingers are by *Mystic* available at The Season Story event (they both come with customised HUDs) . The corset and lace socks are also by *Mystic* from their previous releases.

I’m wearing Runic necklace with little fairy in it, which is at We Love Role-Play event. Lace choker by Kotte.

Maitreya body with my own shape, Catwa bento head. Hair is by Tableau Vivant. Wings are by PFC. Tattoo is by Stardust available now at The Project Se7en.