Magical sleep over on the clouds? Why not! In SL all is possible!


Sweet Thing – “Camp Meow” set at Epiphany. Cuteness overload, the tent can have open door too and cat on the sleeping bag is gently animated! (vendor ad here).
Sweet Thing – “Cozi Mini Boots” – They can fit big and small avies (as shown on me and Rosie) and come with many colors/ears options! (vendor ad here).

=Zenith= – “Sweater Dress” in Rose color at Uber (vendor ad here). Rosie and me also wear “Lolita Fur Bow Headpieces” available at Epiphany (vendor ad here).

Runic – The unicorn lamp sitting by my side comes with hud for many colors and face options! It’s a must have for any cute room (vendor ad here).

Kaithleen’s – “Tights” I really adore them, it’s so hard to get pretty set of tights, they come with HUD and many colors/designs! They are ment for high heel feet shape but they work perfect with cozy shoes too! (vendor ad here).

I went nuts on this magic gacha set by .random.Matter. which is at Epiphany now.