[ keke ] – “hygge lounger . day”, “hygge cup . hot coffee”, “hygge cup . hot chocolate”, “bulb box . witch light on and off”, “triple tray table . white” (this set vendor ad), “tall garden planter . orange”, “tall garden planter . white”, “big garden planter . blue” (this set vendor ad), “clipped papers . notes to self”, “clipped papers . fishy”, ” the psychopath”, “office chair . wood” (this set vendor ad), “potted herb” in 5 different looks (vendor ad).

CandyDoll – “Deja Blouse” and “Deja Shorts” (vendor ad).

kotte – “embroidered socks” (vendor ad) and “utau charms – seraphic choker B” (vendor ad).

Stardust – “Cozy Time – 04 Bento Pose Flat Feet” at The Seasons Story (vendor ad).


[[RH]] – house.
Truth – hair.
Catwa – bento head with my own custom shape.
Belleza – bento body.

.listening to.