– “MOOOM!” – Rosie slams the door as she runs in the apartment.
– “What is it Rosie?”
– “I met a new friend!” – announces proud.
– “I hope you were nice to your new friend.”
– “Yes, I was. I fed him with my cookies.”
– “That’s nice of you, what’s the name of your new friend?”
– “He was too shy to say so I called him Plum, after my favorite fruit! He is 7 meters tall!”
– “Sure, Rosie you can count to five.”
– “He taught me how to count to 10, oh, and he can fly!”
– “Of course he can…”


[SP] Spider Productions – “[SP] Dragon Guardian (Celestial) [Forest]” mesh dragon avatar that is around 7 meters tall, comes with big customisation hud and it’s own AO (marketplace).

.on Rosie.
MurMur – outfit.
**DP**YumYum – hair.
MishMish – teddy.

Decorations are by ionic and HPMD.


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