[SP] Spider Productions – “[SP] Ascendant Wings Ascend [Smoke]” – bento wings with big customisation HUD.

Stardust – “Asteria, Aster, Asteriana Tattoos” – a sneak peek of new full body and face tattoo set coming soon to Fantasy Faire, it will be available in five colors (it has beautiful back part and legs also), “Misa Eyelashes” (vendor ad) and “Summer Breeze – Bento Pose” (vendor ad).

Pixicat – dress.
Moon Amore – top part of the dress.
Doux – hair.
Catwa – bento head with my own pose.
Maitreya – bento body with my own pose.
Mandala – ears.

sometimes angels sing to you in the wind.. all you have to do is listen by jasmine stardust close up

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