Oh, deer! I love this new full set by Sweet Thing, she did incredible items full of magic and big set of colors to pick from ❤ (PS: You can resize ears with ears size and hoofs with foot size!)


Sweet Thing. Nara MegaPack (Ears, Tail, Legs) Frens & Fam (add) (vendor ad)

Sweet Thing. Nature’s Crown (BOTH) + Adornments (add) (vendor ad)

.: Runic :. Crystal Cherry Blossom Blush at We Love Role-Play (vendor ad)

Stardust – FATPACK (WEAR ME) Kallima Kalli Kalliyan Tattoos (vendor ad)

Stardust – Guardian – FATPACK Bento Poses & The Phial of Light (vendor ad)

Stardust – Dreamer – Genus Project Eyelashes (vendor ad)


Doux – hair.
Genus Project – head.
Maitreya – body.
*alirium* – grass.

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