going back home

I do believe in magic. Magic when someone is simply kind to one another and doesn’t expect anything in return. The little things we can do for others to brighten up their day. Treasure your magic and don’t forget to share it with others. *hugs* Jas .featuring. E.V.E – “Noctiluca Stars” and “Noctiluca Flower”, beautiful […]

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let the stars remind you that you have magic in your heart

.featuring. Stardust – “Dream Tattoo” in Angel color for body and head available now at The Crystal Heart Festival (vendor ad). [ keke ] – “secret garden flower” with beautiful glowing sparkles above them (vendor ad). Sweet Thing. – “Bath’kol Bodysuit”, Rare item from gacha, comes with big color hud (vendor ad). [SP] Spider Productions – […]

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garden fairies

“There are fairies at the bottom of our garden! They often have a dance on summer nights; The Butterflies and bees make a lovely little breeze, And the rabbits stand about and hold the lights.” .featuring. [BREATHE] – “Setsumi Heels” at Fameshed event – it’s at the landing spot (vendor ad) CandyDoll – “Doll Skirt”, […]

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happiness it’s not out there, it’s in you

.featuring. Stardust – “Kallima, Kalli and Kalliyan Tattoos” available later today at We Love Role-Play (vendor ad). “Emiko Eyelashes” now at Blush event (vendor ad). =Zenith= – “=Zenith=purfle off shoulder top (Rose)” at Uber event (vendor ad). “Witch Rose Horn” (vendor ad). .accessories. Ohmai – fairy (discontinued gacha) .body. Catwa – bento head with my own shape […]

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