.featuring. Sweet Thing. – “Fluffy Neko Ears” – they come with big colors hud, have it’s own unique bento animations and you can pose ears in different ways + it also has a hud with static ears poses (vendor ad is here)! Stardust – “Keomi Tattoo” – face tattoo is available now at Blush event which […]

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each day comes bearing it’s own gifts, untie the ribbons

.featuring. =Zenith= – “=Zenith=Lolita Purfle Dolly Dress RARE”, “=Zenith=Lolita Lace Bow Glove” and “=Zenith=Lolita with Purfle Sock Heels” at Epiphany event (vendor ad is here) Sweet Thing – “Sweet Thing. Instapic Camera” at Kustom9 event (vendor ad is here) Stardust  – “Ellette” and “Elle” Tattoos at We Love Role-Play event (vendor ad is here) .decorations. […]

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every sunrise is an invitation to brighten someones day

I’m taking part of ^^Swallow^^ contest, this picture is a submission featuring their ears. *hugs* Jas .featuring. ^^Swallow^^ – “Noldor Elf Ears” (vendor ad here). [ keke ] – “windflower”, “wild allium”, “wild lilies” and “wild crocus” (ads are here, here, here and here). Stardust – “Ellette” and “Elle” Tattoos which are at We Love Role-Play right […]

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every day may not be good but there’s good in every day

Stardust’s new hand-drawn tattoos coming soon to We Love Role-Play. *hugs* Jas .outfit. Kaithleen’s – “Corky Dress” at Tres Chic. Runic – “Sakura Hair Flower” at The Project Se7en, big hud included. .body. Stardust – “Ellette, Elle, Ellema” Tattoos – original, hand-drawn tattoos in four color choices coming tomorrow to We Love Role-play. [SP] Spider Productions – “[SP] […]

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new day

Today is a new day, new possibilities, new challenges… letting go of the past has been the longest lesson for me to learn. But by being in a present I can focus on what I love and what I want to do in my life and I wish you the same. *hugs* Jas .clothes on […]

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with you I am home

.outfit. CandyDoll – “Layla Dress” at Collabor88. Breathe – “Michiko Flats” .decorations. ionic – “Tokyo Life” at The Chapter Four (preview of the current gacha here, I also used items from this one and this one). Foxes are by +Half-Deer+, birdies peeking in the room by Anc. .body. Tram – hair Catwa – bento head Maitreya – bento […]

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I may not always be there with you, but I will always be there for you

I dedicate this picture to my friends who aren’t living near by but they are as special and appreciated no matter of the distance. ❤ .featuring stores. Runic – “Magical Unicorn Earrings” – Etoile event (item preview here) =Zenith= – “Victoria Lace Dress” and “Victoria Lace Gloves” – Collabor88 event (items preview here) Kotte – “Lace […]

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holiday spirit

I made this holiday collaboration with Luna, thank you! .outfit. Full outfit we both wear: Hazy at The Arcade (preview of the gacha here) .body and hair. Tattoo we use: Stardust at We Love Role-Play (preview of the item here) Hair on Luna (left): Taketomi Hair on Jasmine (right): Tram Mesh body we both use: Maitreya Mesh head […]

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power of love

.outfit. Dress & overcoat: collaboration between Ison & Rowne Earrings: Mandala .body & hair. Tattoo on face and body: Stardust at We Love Role-Play (Dec. 4th, 1pm SLT) Hair: Pr!tty Head: Catwa Body: Maitreya Hands: Vista Eyes: Song Shape: my own .decorations. Broken glass & peacock: Anc Mirrors: Moon Amore at The Arcade Pose: Konpeitou  

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don’t dream your life, live your dream

.outfit. Dress: Mossu Jacket: Mossu & Genesis Lab at Kustom 9 event Shoes: Breathe (preview of the gacha) Lace choker: Kotte Mesh jewelry on legs: Astralia .body and hair. Face and body tattoos: Stardust at We Love Role-Play Hair: Tableau Vivant Head: Catwa Body: Maitreya Shape: my own Pose: Foxcity .decorations. Sofa: Nutmeg Chandelier: Keke at Uber event Dogs: Anc Flowers: […]

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