dare to dream

My New Tattoos coming soon to Candy Fair (opens on Nov. 17th at 12 pm SLT) ❤ PS: Pose is a gift at the same event. *hugs* Jas .outfit. Dress: Pixicat .body and hair. Body Tattoos: Stardust available on Nov. 17th at 12 pm SLT at Candy Fair Face Tattoo: Stardust Hair: **DP**YumYum Ears: Mandala Bento head is by Catwa […]

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when all the glitter fades there’ll still be stardust in her veins

“You are stardust… Your entire physiological structure is composed of the remnants of stars that exploded billions of years before you were even conceived. Your entire composition is made up of cosmic fragments of infinite proportion.” .clothes. Bodysuit is by Belle Epoque. Tiara and The light of Earendil (in my hand) are by Spell (gacha […]

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you may only be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person

I have known this quote for years, but today this quote made me teary in eyes. Often we don’t realise how much we love someone till that someone is sick or gone. *hugs* Jas Dress is by ISON (previous LuxeBox). Hair is by tram. Roses are by [keke]. Bento Catwa head with my own shape. […]

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i live in the meow

Neko Girl Time! =^^= Bento ears and fluffy tail (both with tons of color options and adorable animations!) are from Sweet Thing. Bodysuit is also by Sweet Thing. ❤ Fishes and bubbles by Anc. Flowers by Keke. Cute strawberry milkshake is by MishMish from April’s LuxeBox. Tattoos are by Stardust available now at The Kawaii Project. […]

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Past week has been like a bad dream, I almost lost my beloved puppy, but she’s a true fighter and got back on her four paws again. The thought I would not wake up next to her again and that I would not be able to pet her, hug her and look at her peaceful […]

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kindness is magic

Being kind to each other and expecting nothing in return goes a long way. This beautiful dress is by Kaithleen’s, it inspired me to do this picture. You can find it in many colors at Trunk Show event. The magical floating cape is by Aii. Shoes are by Breathe. The golden leaves necklace is by Runic and […]

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